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Friday, November 4, 2011

Grey Friday

Today was not a sunny day in Southern California. This morning I woke up to a grey and gloomy sky and the rain was coming down a little bit. The air was cold and during a lull in rainfall I took Trina, my long-haired chihuahua, out for a walk. She was being a princess and refused to walk on the grass because she knew she'd get her paws wet. After some coaxing, she did her business and I hurried inside.

Admiring the grey sky while driving home

The Fall/Winter season is starting to peek its head and it gave me inspiration to paint my nails. I wanted my nails to match the rainy, cloudy sky. So I rummaged through my collection and grabbed Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in Steel Grey.  

I have to give Rimmel some props. For a drugstore brand they produce quality products. You can't beat $3.99 + tax for nail polish! It's a favorite of mine because it only takes two coats to achieve the opacity I desired. The formulation allows it to glide on the nail easily and evenly. Believe me, in the past I used to glob on polish thinking it helped it look smoother but I'm wiser now. Today you'll find me patiently and gently layering a few thin coats. It also helps that Rimmel installed this uniquely shaped brush. Standard brushes in nail polishes such as OPI or China Glaze are thin and rounded, while Rimmel's brush is quite flat and wider in comparison. I prefer this brush shape since it allows me to cover a greater surface area in no time. 

Left - Rimmel Lasting Finish, Right - Standard brush shape

I'm not a meteorologist but I kind of hope it stays a little grey and rainy this weekend so my nails will be stylish and appropriate for the occasion. I'd love to know what nail polish you're wearing today or get some input on new colors/brands I should try! 


  1. That brush does look much better than the OPI ones I am used to! I am still really impatient when I do my nails... got to learn to be more patient like you!

  2. I used to mimic my mom painting her nails and never really paid attention to my technique. My boyfriend's mom and sister are certified nail technicians and whenever they painted my nails I realized I'm not doing something right. I said this out loud to my boyfriend and he told me, "Youtube it!" So that is when I watched this video and it changed my life.

    Thanks for your comment!