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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jewelry Haul

The perfect cure for a gloomy, cold day is a trip to the (indoor) mall with Mom. I went a little overboard in Charlotte Russe this afternoon, oops! Charlotte Russe was having a sale on their jewelry so I couldn’t resist.  Majority of the pieces I purchased today were 2 for $10 (original price $6-$10.50). On top of that, they were promoting Happy Hour specials between 3pm and 5pm- Spend $30 get $5 off and spend $40 get $10 off.

Due to time constraints and the quickly disappearing daylight, I was able to photograph four out of the six pieces of jewelry I bought. Enjoy!

I had my pretty little eye on this necklace last time I was at Charlotte Russe. It is a gold chain featuring black enamel detailing. The necklace is lightweight, edgy, and will definitely make a statement even when paired with a simple black top. 

Taking inspiration from my nail polish, I chose this cocktail ring. It is comfortable to wear and is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal since the band is made with a stretchy material.

The ring says it all, Bling! Obviously they are not real diamonds, but anything shiny will make your outfit glamorous.  It borders on gaudy but that is what makes it appealing to me. It would look very classy with a French manicure. 

I saved the best for last. The pink bejeweled ring with the pearl in the middle is my favorite out of all the rings.  What drew me in was the sheer size of this baby. It’s probably the largest ring in my collection now. When I placed it on my finger, it gave me the effect of a pink firework that exploded on my hand. 

I have a tendency to gravitate to gold jewelry, as made evident by this haul. The fact is gold complements my warm-toned skin. I’m also a creature of habit. As a little girl I remember my mom always bought me 14K gold jewelry. Especially with earrings, I got allergic reactions to other types of metals. My ears would get unbearably itchy and red. Thankfully I don’t have these issues anymore. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds- I'll take them all! Anyway, I’m very excited to style outfits with my new pieces of jewelry. I guess I have another reason to make another trip to the mall!


  1. Love those pieces!! :) Love cocktail rings! and that nail color is awesome - is that Essie's chinchilly?

  2. My nail color is actually Rimmel London Steel Grey. I've been working on my nail painting technique too. Thanks for the comment, Anh-Chi!